Written HW 9 Written HW 9


Each child born to a particular set of parents has probability 0.35 of having a blood type B. Suppose these

parents have 5 children. Let X= number of children who have type B blood.
a) Make a probability distribution table for X
b) Find E(X)
( Hint: Note that it is a binomial distribution. Hence easier to use the formula to find the expected value
of a binomial distribution. Refer to page 209 in the textbook)
2) Consider the spinner in Figure with the payoff in each sector of the circle. Should the owner of this spinner
expect to make money over an extended period of time if the charge is $2.00 per spin?
Note: Need to create the probability distribution table for the payoff and find the expected payoff


3) A manufacturer of integrated circuits knows from experience that 5% of the components he produces are
defective. The quality control procedure is to reject an assembly-line run if three or more components out of a
random sample of ten components are defective.
a) What is the probability of rejecting an assembly -line run?
Note: Use binomial distribution formulas. It is easier to find the probability of the complement and subtract
from 1
b) If X = The number of defective components in a sample size of 10, what are E(X) and 𝜎2(𝑋) ?
Note: Use the formulas specifically for binomial distribution expected value and variance. Refer to pages 209-

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