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Using the example from the systems analysis example video in panopto you will create a brief systems analysis report based on the daycare snack example. Briefly post responses to the following Systems Analysis steps, use tables and figures when appropriate. When you are done be sure to comment on two of your classmate’s systems analyses, did they notice something that you didn’t, do you think their proposed control will be effective?

1.Identify the system2.Produce preliminary system map (define inputs, process, and outputs)3. Describe who should be on the systems analysis team4.Define Boundaries of the System5. Determine performance expectations6. Gather Data and show what steps you observed in each cracker making session and how long each session took. 7. Analyze the collected data for weaknesses, variances, and any series of events that could cause the system to fail prioritize the identified problems for redesign8. Develop control strategies and a hazard control matrix for one of the hazards you identified

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