Psychology Question


Open ended Question
Choose a phenomenon, an experiment, or an issue from this week’s materials ( online
lectures or additional readings) that interests you and engages your curiosity.
a) Describe and explain the phenomenon. Describe it thoroughly enough so that another
person who has not read the course materials could understand it. b) Explain why is it
interesting to you. c) Describe some important research on this phenomenon (referencing
the authors and year of the study) and the logic underlying it. d) relate this phenomenon to
something else you have read in the course and elaborate, OR d) explain a burning issue or
follow up question that interests you and describe how you would design a study to further
investigate this phenomenon.
Make sure to complete and clearly label each section (a,b,c,d) of your answer using the
following labels: a) Describe b) Interesting c) Research d) Relate/Follow up. Then make
sure to use Turnitin to determine your similarity /overlap score with other material and
ensure that you are using your own words.

Note: do not write out the entire
question along with your response as it will produce a high overlap score in Turnitin.

IMPORTANT: Falow (a,b,c,d)

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