Reflection and discussion biterm wk 1


Discuss why managing healthcare services is a complex adaptive system. Assess how leadership concepts can help healthcare leaders to manage complex healthcare organizations and achieve strategic goals.

To prepare for this discussion: Review this week’s Learning Resources.

Post by Day 3: your initial answer.

Respond by Day 5: to at least two of your colleagues and continue the Discussion through Day 7:

Expand this Discussion by highlighting differences between your posting and your colleagues’ postings. Provide additional insights or alternative perspectives.

The initial post must require a minimum of four (4) current quality references. Two (2) of them are from current peer-reviewed journals from the UC online library. Including references in your replies to classmates is optional but recommended.

Your replies to other classmates’ posts need to be 100 words per post.

Focus on presenting critical thinking ideas and synthesis in your posts and less on stating and describing.

Support your posts with specific examples.

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