Case Study 1 – Process Redesign Using Improvement Techniques


This case study is based on the attached process, which we have been speaking about in class. This report must demonstrate the inefficiencies that exist within the current output. The goal of this case is to apply improvement techniques (STEP 6) that will have a significant impact in terms of cost, productivity and value added outputs. The report must identify alternatives to mitigate gaps that have been identified that will result in increased efficiencies to the organization.

Report Guidelines

Format – include a cover letter, title page, executive summary, and table of contents. Students must submit using Microsoft word using Arial font, size 12 and double-space their report.

Executive Summary (250 – 500 words) – briefly outline the performance gap, why you believe there is an opportunity (impact to business) to increase efficiencies, and identify the proposed solution. This section of the report should also include a clearly defined linkage between business process management and organizational efficiencies.

Original Cost Calculation – determine the baseline cost of the current process using the information provided in attachment #1.

Process Analyses – alternative options you have considered (500 words) – demonstrate you have fully considered all possible alternatives and the pros/cons of each.

Preferred Option (250 words) – indicate why you feel the new process you are recommending will result in efficiencies within the organization. The recommendation must be clearly presented with a direct link to the ultimate goal of business process management, which is efficiency.

Calculate at least one employee cost for this process – This must include all 4 steps to calculating employee cost covered in STEP 5. The details are included in attachment #1

New Process Map – include a reengineered process map that shows the new recommended option based on your analysis.

The report must be organized in a clear and consistent manner with a logical flow. Referencing – all sources need to be referenced using APA referencing guidelines.


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