Formal Report Writing on The History and philosophy of Mussar


Your task is to write a formal report that describes the history, purpose and practice of Mussar. While this information will be used in the brochure, it will also go to the Mussar organization first to ensure accuracy and completeness of information. Therefore, consider the Mussar organization as the recipient of your formal report.

The assignment must include

1. The first-level subheading and at least two second-level subheadings

2. At least one visual aid

3. Varied and compelling evidence

4. At least two different sources

5. MLA-style in-text documentation


This assignment will assess the clarity and completeness of your information, as well as your integration, explanation and citation of sources.

Formal reports are made up of front matter, the body, and back matter.

Your front matter will consist of a

1. Title page with interesting and aesthetic design

2. Cover letter to the Mussar organization to check accuracy of information

3. Table of contents listing headings and subheadings

4. Executive summary identifying purpose, findings, and conclusion of report

The body of your formal report will be made up of a(n)

5. Introduction that identifies content, purpose and organization of body

6. Background to the report

7. Discussion of findings with three sections:

a. The history and philosophy of Mussar

b. The nine or thirteen soul traits

c. The practices and rituals performed

Discussion of findings with at least one visual aid

MLA-style parenthetical citations

8. Conclusions

Your back matter

9. includes a “Works Cited” using MLA documentation

10. may include an appendix or two

Formal reports are different from routine or short documents in that (a) formal reports follow a particular and even repetitive structure, (b) they use more formal and objective language, such as third-person point of view, and (c) they include more in-depth, detailed information.

Design the report for professional look and accessible information. Edit for completeness and coherence. Proofread for correctness and consistency.

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