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Discussion: Graphing Lines Using a Real-World Example


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Graphs are commonly used in professional settings to display data. Think about your major or profession. When would you use a linear graph or a system of equations? Watch the introductory video on finding the slope of a line, which will be important for your research (about 4 minutes long):

How to Find the Slope of a Line. Mometrix Academy. Youtube. Retrieved from

Using your own example, create a linear graph that relates to your major or profession. Each student scenario must be unique in order to receive credit. Be sure to review classmates’ posts prior to creating your own.

Create your own graph using or other software like Excel. Copy and paste your graph into your initial response.

Your graph should include a title and data with labels for the x and y axes. Calculate the slope for your line and provide this calculation in your initial post. Interpret the slope.

In your response, discuss and include the following based on your specific example:

Include the graph for your chosen example.

  • Explain how you selected your example.
  • Identify and label the x and y axes.
  • Interpret the data.
  • Calculate the slope. What does the shape of the slope mean?

When responding to peers, discuss the following:

How difficult was it for you to find a real-world example? Read the following article and compare your thoughts with your peers. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Ford, M. (2008). When teaching math, the real world doesn’t help. Ars Technica. Retrieved from

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