You have been recruited to develop a nutrition education plan for the community. Create a nutrition message and describe what age group you would educate; what special considerations would make for them? What are some things you would do beforehand to evaluate your target audience’s health literacy?

I put example post below. You need to write same structure. You need to reply example post as well.



Target Audience: Adolescent boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13; grades 4-8. Puberty is an important and awkward time for most individuals. The body is going through changes, which many do not understand. Both boys and girls go through physical and physiological changes. While the physical changes are apparent, the physiological changes produce nutritional needs of which the target audience is unaware.

“Pumping Iron” is a nutrition education program designed to bring awareness to the nutritional need to increase iron consumption through food for adolescents between 9 and 13 years of age at Breckinridge Montessori in Richardson, Texas. Young boys going through puberty have an increased demand for iron for the development of lean body mass, and young girls have an even greater need for iron in the effort to reduce the risk of anemia due to menstruation.


Puberty years are awkward years, and everyone goes through stages of puberty at different times. Boys and girls will have different experiences from one another as well as different stages of puberty progression among the same sex. For this reason, I have collaborated with fellow community nutritionists to have my male colleagues lead interactions and activities among the adolescent males geared towards the need for the iron in the male body during puberty, while my female colleagues and I will do the same with the female participants with a focus on the developing female body.

OBJECTIVE: For School Year 2022-2023

To increase the nutritional consumption of iron among boys and girls at Breckinridge Montessori to healthy levels; 11 milligrams per day for boys and 15 milligrams per day for girls.

Build awareness of nutritional iron intake needs among the target population through media, school announcements, fliers, posters, and brochures.

Educate the target population through age-appropriate reading materials, games, cooking activities, focus groups and peer interaction. Create a supportive environment between the individual and community to maintain the desired behavior.


Meeting with grade-level teachers of the target population to gather information for age-appropriate reading materials

Refer to SMOG, Fry Index, and visit http://healthliteracyworlded.org


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