6.1 the document must have a paragraph of at least 10 lines of text

6.1 The Document must have a paragraph of at least 10 lines of text that describe you. This Paragraph must be centered on the page and have space for 20 characters per line only. A light-gray image of yourself must be superimposed over the center of the text as a nested element.


6.2 Modify the document described in exercise 6.1 to add four buttons labeled, respectively, northeast, southwest, and southeast. Web get are pressed, the buttons must move your image to the specified corner of the text. Initially, your image must appear in the northwest (upper-left) corner of the text.



6.3 Modify the document described in exercise 6.2 to make the buttons toggle their respective copies of your image on and off so that, at any time, the document may include none, one, two, three, or four copies of your image. the initial document should’ve no images shown

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