Students will read for 10 minutes every 45 minute class period, and will respond to ONE question per week, selected from the list below. Please Choose questions that match the text that you are reading. Responses should be delivered in a 5- sentence paragraph formate based on the Single Paragraph Outline.  The topic sentence should include the title, author and question re-framed as a statement.

Literary Text Questions:
Summarize a certain event in the text and predict what will happen next as a result of the event.
Compare/Contrast the text elements to a personal experience or worldly event.
Explain the change of a character in the story and what experiences/events led to that change.
Both Literary and Informational Text Questions:
Identify a part in the text that evoked an emotion and explain why.
What in this text is interesting to me, and why?
Summarize the main idea in your own words.
Informational Text Questions:
Do you agree with the writer’s perspective on the topic? Why or why not?
Identify one piece of FACTUAL evidence and one OPINION
Identify the (Cause/ Effect, Problem/Solution, Compare/ Contrast or Claim/Evidence) relationship in the text.

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