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please respond to the following as a peer making a comment on the discussion. Health care leaders who use a situational leadership approach embrace the idea that different situations call for different leadership styles. Situational leaders examine the tasks before them and determine which leadership approach makes the most sense. For example, when staff members are learning a new task for which they have limited skills, situational leaders may give many orders but also offer a lot of support. However, when staff members need to handle tasks for which they are highly skilled, a situational leader may delegate responsibilities and offer minimal guidance and support. This is how leaders can use different strengths of team members to best support the dynamic of the team.

Additionally, situational leadership encompasses four general leadership approaches that are essential in a patient-centered care team:

1) Telling. Leaders give directives about what to do and how to do it.

2) Selling. Leaders convince people to buy into their visions by interacting with them and selling their ideas.

3) Participating. Leaders encourage individuals to get involved by sharing their ideas and engaging in the decision-making process.

4) Delegating. Leaders delegate responsibilities for completing a task and offer only limited input (AdventHealth, 2021).

As a result, situational leadership provides the leader with the flexibility to assess the situation and adopt a leadership style that best fits the needs of the follower. It is particularly well suited to leading patient-centered care teams because of how the leadership techniques varies depending on the different strengths of the team members (Rabarison et al., 2018).


AdventHealth University. (2021, December 10). 5 Types of Leadership Styles in Healthcare. AHU Online. Retrieved March 23, 2022, from https://online.ahu.edu/blog/leadership-styles-in-healthcare/#:%7E:text=Situational%20leaders%20examine%20the%20tasks,offer%20a%20lot%20of%20support.

Rabarison, K., Ingram, R. C., & Holsinger, J. W. (2018). Application of Situational Leadership to the National Voluntary Public Health Accreditation Process. Frontiers in Public Health1https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2013.00026

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