food label Analysis (j)

HED 120: Food Labels

What are Food Labels?
Food Labels are the “best source of consumer information”. 90% of ALL processed and
packaged foods must have a “consumer friendly” label. The new nutrition label (1994)
features more consistent serving sizes and must include the following dietary
 Total calories
 Total fat content
 Fat grams
 Vitamin A
 Vitamin C
 Amount of saturated fats
 Protein grams
 Carbohydrate grams
 Dietary fiber
The food exempt from food labeling regulations are those with no appreciable amount of
nutrients OR whose content varies from batch to batch, such as:
 Deli and bakery items
 Plain and unflavored teas and coffees
 Various spices and flavorings
 Food sold in restaurants
 Labels are “voluntary” for fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, poultry, or fish
The nutrition label (chart) must display serving sizenutrients per serving and % of
daily values. The nutrition information applies to one serving; if you ate two servings,
you consumed twice the amount of calories and other nutrients listed on the label.


Your Task
Step 1
Collect 5 food labels and write the name of the food item AND the serving size of each below.
Keep THESE labels in order throughout this assignment so you do not have to continue writing
label name.
1. Food Item: Serving Size:
2. Food Item: Serving Size:
3. Food Item: Serving Size:
4. Food Item: Serving Size:
5. Food Item: Serving Size:
Step 2
List the first 4 ingredients from each of your labels.
1. Ingredients:
2. Ingredients:
3. Ingredients:
4. Ingredients:
5. Ingredients:
Step 3
Do any of your food labels contain any special health “WARNINGS?”
(i.e. contains Phenylalanine)? List what they may be. If there are no warnings, write “None”.
1. Warning:
2. Warning:
3. Warning:
4. Warning:
5. Warning:
Did You Know?The ingredient list on packaged food gives an overview of the recipe with the ingredients
listed from most to least. Food manufacturers must list all ingredients in descending order
by weight.


Step 4
Compare your labels to each other. For each item write the TOTAL CALORIES per 1 serving.
1. Total calories:
2. Total calories:
3. Total calories:
4. Total calories:
5. Total calories:
6. Which item has the GREATEST NUMBER of calories per serving?
Step 5
Write the TOTAL FAT content in grams for each of your items.
1. Total fat:
2. Total fat:
3. Total fat:
4. Total fat:
5. Total fat:
6. Which item has the GREATEST AMOUNT of fat in grams per serving?
Step 6
List the amount of SATURATED FATTY ACIDS for each item. If a food item does not contain
any, write “None”.
1. Saturated fat:
2. Saturated fat:
3. Saturated fat:
4. Saturated fat:
5. Saturated fat:
6. Which item has the GREATEST AMOUNT of saturated fat?
Step 7
List the amount of PROTEIN in grams per serving.
Did You Know?The ingredients offers useful information – especially for people with special food
needs, health reasons or religious reasons. Examples include:
 People avoiding pork, shellfish, or other meats for religious purposes.
 People avoiding peanuts, eggs, milk, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, etc. due to
allergies or food sensitivities.


1. Protein:
2. Protein:
3. Protein:
4. Protein:
5. Protein:
6. Which item has the GREATEST AMOUNT of protein?
Step 8
List the amount of CHOLESTEROL that each item has. If a food item does not contain any,
write “None”.
1. Cholesterol:
2. Cholesterol:
3. Cholesterol:
4. Cholesterol:
5. Cholesterol:
6. Which item has the GREATEST AMOUNT of cholesterol?
Step 9
List the milligrams of SODIUM for each item.
1. Sodium:
2. Sodium:
3. Sodium:
4. Sodium:
5. Sodium:
6. Which item has the GREATEST AMOUNT of sodium?
Step 10
Answer the following questions. Please make sure to also include the % Daily Value that is
listed next to the nutrient.
1. Which item has the greatest amount of IRON? How much (%)?
2. Which item has the greatest amount of CALCIUM? How much (%)?
3. Which item has the greatest amount of VITAMIN A? How much (%)?


4. Which item has the greatest amount of VITAMIN C? How much (%)?
Step 11
Do any of your labels have any KOSHER symbols? Simply write ”Yes” or “No”. Please note:
these are usually found elsewhere on the product, not on the actual food label!
1. Symbol?
2. Symbol?
3. Symbol?
4. Symbol?
5. Symbol?
Step 12
Do any of your labels make any HEALTH CLAIMS (examples provided below)? Write “Yes” or
No”. If yes, then what health claim(s) are made? Please note: these are usually found
elsewhere on the product, not on the actual food label!
 Calcium preventing osteoporosis
 Fat and its association with
 Saturated fat/cholesterol and
heart disease
 A high-fiber grain product
preventing some cancers
 Folate and neural tube defects
 Fruits and vegetables reducing
certain cancers
 Sodium and high blood pressure
 Fruits/vegetables/grains reducing
heart disease
1. Claim:
2. Claim:
3. Claim:
4. Claim:
Did You Know?
If a product has a Kosher symbol, it
means that the food item meets the
strict government “safety” inspection,
as well as standards of a Jewish food


5. Claim:
Step 13
Are there any “SAFE HANDLING” instructions on your food labels (examples provided below)?
Write “Yes” or “No”. If yes, then what instructions are given? Please note: these are usually
found elsewhere on the product, not on the actual food label!
 Keep refrigerated or frozen
 Cook thoroughly
 Keep hot foods hot
 Refrigerate leftovers
 Keep meat separate from other
 Wash work
surfaces/hands/utensils are
touching raw meat
1. Instructions:
2. Instructions:
3. Instructions:
4. Instructions:
5. Instructions:
Step 14
Does your food item have a DATE listed? Write the type of date, and the date given for each
food item. Please note: these are usually found elsewhere on the product, not on the
actual food label!
1. Date Type/Date:
2. Date Type/Date:
3. Date Type/Date:
4. Date Type/Date:
5. Date Type/Date:
Step 14
Answer the following question: Did any of your items surprise you with its contents or
Did You Know? Manufacturers use 3 types of dates on packaging:
1. “Sell by”: The last day a food should be sold
2. “Pack date”: When the food was manufactured,
processed, or packaged
3. “Best if used by”: Best if used by date for optimal quality



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