Pick 2 of the following 3 questions and answer each question


Pick 2 of the following 3 questions and answer EACH question with 250-300 words EACH. Total of 500-600 words. Submit one answer with 2 distinct paragraphs

1) Refer to my lecture and the reading on Self Myfascial Release. What tools have you used before? What new tool did you try on what 3 areas? Explain. Per the NASM article, what specific benefit are you personally experiencing with SMR?

2) Fitball 101: Based on the 6 fitball stretches in Module 5 reading OR something new you make up or research which addresses your needs, write a paragraph about these 3 fitball stretches. Reference the anatomical names of the muscles you are stretching, (according to the muscular chart, Module 4) and how this will serve your daily needs e.g. workouts, posture, work duties, etc.

3) Which of the bed stretches have you begun incorporating either before getting vertical or elsewhere? Reference which muscles you are using. Explain how this habit is impacting your muscle memory.

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