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Organizational behavior is how people behave, work, and interact in corporate settings. There are many benefits to a good workplace such as motivating its employees, employee job satisfaction, less stress, which in turn aids to a company’s overall performance. Since people working in the organization differ based on their skills, work experience, and background, managers must ensure that they have the appropriate skills and expertise to deal with the people who report them. Managers must ensure that they are fair between everyone in the team and act as a leader and motivator for his entire team. There are various skills that a manager must possess, such as interpersonal, technical, and conceptual, to become successful in his job. A good manager is also someone who has good networking skills. An organization’s success depends on the employees who work there, so if these employees have good interpersonal skills, it will create a healthy and happy environment in the workplace. If employees are happy, there will be less turnover, which will aid in the company’s overall financial performance. Organizational behavior is also formed from behavioral disciples such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology. There are also various outcomes for Organizational behavior: task performance, citizenship behavior, withdrawal behavior, group such as group cohesion, group functioning, and Organizational such as productivity and organizational survival. Hence, the whole company can be successful if there prevails an excellent Organizational behavior between individual, group, and organization.

Answer to Question 1

Most companies today are active on social media because most people rely on them for getting information about the company, what the employees working their think and share about the company, whether the company involves themselves in political and social issues, and how satisfied and motivated the employees are. In this scenario, the employee himself is a financial advisor of the company. He is in a situation where he needs help fulfilling his essential requirement in social media. I think this post would create a negative impression about the company to other individuals who follows him. His post on social media would also generate a dilemma for the individuals seeking a career in this company. Additionally, this is a financial planning office, and the financial advisor himself needs such a small amount where he had to ask on social media. This would also create a negative impression on its current and future clients. Also, this is an indication of a poor workplace environment which leads to an unhappy employee. For an organization to run smoothly, there needs to be a healthy relationship between the individual, group, and organization.

Instead of punishing the employee, the organization should look for a solution to better communicate with the employee on what caused this behavior and how the organization can help him feel motivated, valued, and rewarded. This action taken by the organization can impact positively in the future. If a similar situation arises in the future, the employee should feel comfortable seeking help from the organization instead of seeking help publicly.


Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. A. (2017). Essentials of Organizational Behavior. 14th Edition. Pearson

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