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QTIP 3.7


QTIPs are a way for you to better understand course concepts and to put it into the context of the real world. These are a great tool to learn with each other in the course. QTIPs are graded using a rubric and are graded as credit or no-credit.

This submission is not intended to be overly burdensome or long. It is a way for you to reaffirm concepts you are learning in the course. These submissions can be less than 300 words and still be very meaningful. The expectation is you submit the QTIP on a weekly basis (or close to it) to help you stay in touch with course readings, PowerPoints and lectures.


  • Generate a Quote, Thought and Interesting Point from the text or outside materials directly related to the chapter.
  • Reflect on the same QTIP and evaluate the meaning as it relates to course content and current events.


  1. From either the course text, PowerPoints, lectures or outside sources select a Quote, Thought and an Interesting Point that is meaningful to you and your course of study and the specific concepts from the chapter of instruction listed in the title of this assignment.
    • The Quotes are taken directly from the text, PowerPoints, lectures or outside sources. The quote you chose should be meaningful to your studies.
    • Thoughts are your own thoughts. What do you think about the material? What is meaningful to you about the instructional content. These are the things that make you go “hmmm.”
    • An Interesting Point is something you discovered that is interesting to you. This can be something new to you, something controversial, disturbing, fascinating or trivial.
  2. In your submission, add these headings: Quote, Thought, Interesting Point, Reflection. Please look over this exampleActions for submission formatting requirements.
  3. After each of the headings, add your responses using proper writing mechanics (no text-type language – use complete sentences). In the Reflection section, be sure to discuss why you selected the Quote, Thought and Interesting Point and why they are meaningful to you. If the Quote, Thought or Interesting Point are from an outside source, be sure to explain how they relate to the chapter of instruction listed in the title of this assignment.
    • There is not minimum word count requirement. However, you need to add enough content to add context and meaning. Be sure your reflection explains the “why.”
  4. Although dialogue with classmates is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Evidence of collaboration demonstrates collegiality and can only help with collective success.
  5. Be sure to add APA formatted references for all sources.
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