Management 9 | Management homework help

1. There are a lot of really interesting videos in this week’s content areas of Organization Culture, Social Responsibility, and Cultural/Global Diversity. Please choose at least 2 videos, they can be on the same topic or different ones, it does not matter.


a). After reviewing your two chosen videos, please discuss at 2-3 things that you learned that you found worthwhile in the study of Org Culture, and/or Social Responsibility, and/or Cultural Diversity?

b). As a future manager or productive contributing employee of an organization, why do you think these 3 areas have become so important in the world of management and business success?


2. In your textbook on page 66, CH 3(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), please read the section “Gary Hirschberg Grows Company That Makes Planet a Priority.”

a).  Do you believe that the Stonyfield Farms business model can be applied to other organizations, which types if any?

b). In your professional future, does working for an organization like Stonfield Farms with such a commitment to Social Responsibity, appeal to you, Why or Why Not?


3. On page 120, CH 5(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), in your textbook, please complete and score the Self-Assessment, “Global Intelligence.”

a). After looking at your scores on this assessment, how would you describe your overall Global Intelligence Score – where are your scores stronger and where is there areas for improvement?

b). Since increasing one’s global intelligence (Cultural Diversity savvy) is so critical these days for managers and employees in a global economy, what can you do to improve your global intelligence ?


4. On page 273, CH 12(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW), in your textbook, please read the section, “Organization Cultures Must Face Up to Emerging Work-life Trends.”

a). What Organizational culture issues are emerging from this data – do you think these issues are important for organizations to address, Why or Why Not?

b). Though you may be quite young now, do you think that in time these work-life challenges that people and organizations are facing could impact the type of organizations you would choose to work for in the future, what in particular would an ideal organization provide its employees and managers with respect to work-life balance?


5. Please carefully read Case 16, “SAS – Business Success Starts on the Inside.” on page 458-459 of your textbook.(SEE ATTACHEMENTS BELOW)

a). How would you describe the kind of organization culture that SAS has developed for all its employees, even consider the customers?

b). Though pay is not at the high range at SAS, would you consider working for an organization that offered these kinds of benefits instead of a high salary (the company does not pay low, just not the highest among its competitors), Why or Why Not?

c). Do you think lack of higher pay could eventually be a problem for SAS in the future, or do you think the wide range of benefits offered its employees makes up for the lack of the high range of salary?  Please remember that all these other benefits, including a very significant interaction with SAS customers, do have monetary value as well.

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