SOC101 Question


My “Popular Diet Project Topic” is WEIGHT WATCHERS DIET.

Paper Requirements:

  1. 2–3 Page Paper (5 Pages Maximum) not including your Reference Page, Abstract, or Cover Page
  2. Arial Font, 12 Point, Double Spaced
  3. 1” Margins
  4. APA format (In-Text Citations are Required).
  5. Must include at least three references (*One reference must come from a professional, peer-reviewed source. Professional research journal such as JAMA)

Paper Contents – Discuss Each In Detail The Following:

  1. Detailed Overview Of The Diet And Its Popularity… Background, History, Developer, How it works, How to find out about it, Target Population, Costs.
  2. Specific Description Of The Diet – Goal of the Diet, What it aims to do, How it affects the Human Body.
  3. Example Of Sample Meals – 3 Meals minimum & must include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
  4. Explanation Of The Consequences And Advantages Of The Diet – Weigh the Pros and Cons.
  5. Effectiveness Of The Diet – Is it scientifically researched and proven safe and effective– Why or Why not?
  6. Description Of Potential Dangers Of Following The Diet – Provide at least one case in point or real-life example.
  7. Your Opinion/Argument Of The Diet – Tell me why you Agree or Disagree with the diet including 3 Evidence for your side.
  8. Summary – Key takeaway points, new information you have learned, areas of concern versus benefits of the diet, questions that still need to be researched and answered, future implications to our society from this diet.

Presentation Requirements:

  1. Six (6) slides are required using PowerPoint or Prezi. Check with me if you prefer another presentation media. Presentation info will correlate with the paper content requirements listed above.
  2. Must include an image, picture, graphics, or other interactive media on each slide.
  3. You may use appropriate web-based information (YouTube, Interactive Flash Demos, Program Websites, etc.) in your presentation so long as you cite all of your sources.

All papers and presentations must adhere to the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences stance on plagiarism. See class syllabus or Student Handbook for into regarding plagiarism. NO “copy and pasting” allowed (this is plagiarism).

Grading Scale Grading Requirement

32 Pts.

– All eight content questions are answered clearly with detail.

4 Points Per Question

Grading Scale Grading Requirement

24 Pts.

– 6 slides with graphics or pictures on each.

– Summarizes aspects of the diet – using info from paper.

– The info is accurate and up to date.

– No Copy And Pasting – This is considered plagiarism, and a 0 will be given – 4 Points Per Slide.


7 Points

– Accuracy in grammar, spelling, formatting, clarity, flow, etc.

– APA format including in-text citations.



– 3 References required (one can be a textbook).

– One reference must be a professional, peer-reviewed source (from a professional journal (i.e., Journal of Nutrition or JAMA).

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