Advocacy groups can help fill the void created by the inaction of government and industry. For example, the residents of West Harlem in New York City live in a high asthma prevalence neighborhood. WE ACT for Environmental Justice has been fighting for clean air for three decades in the area and beyond. WE ACT aims to give people of color and low-income residents the information and language to be able to participate directly in environment and health policy making decisions so that they can fight against the environmental racism that has impacted them directly. In addition to WE ACT, there are numerous other environmental advocacy groups across the United States, including UPROSE, Sunrise Movement, and Black Millennials 4 Flint.

The goal of this week’s discussion is to identify a local or regional advocacy group working on the environmental injustice issue you are analyzing in your Course Project. Having identified the advocacy group, you should be able to identify, explore, and analyze the following.

  • Strengths: These are advantages internally at the organization. Examples include access to a large community of enthusiastic supporters, celebrity endorsements, or especially skilled staff.
  • Weaknesses: These are shortcomings within the organization that may negatively impact its ability to achieve its goals. Examples include poor organizational structure, vacant key staff positions, and limited budgets.

In your follow-up responses, reply to and build on the ideas expressed by your fellow students.

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