expert choice but keep it simple

This essay should be from three to five pages (meaning at least three full pages). Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font; 1” margins), double-spaced. No title page. Simply type your name on the top line, go down one double-spaced line, and begin the essay. Indent paragraphs. No extra space between paragraphs. Submit in MS Word, pdf, or google docs format.
Use only Martin Luther’s On Christian Freedom, and the Bill of Rights (do not bring in other readings).
Quote from the texts to support your points, and use in-line citations.

Part 1
How does Martin Luther understand Christian Freedom? Explain how a Christian can be both free and slave, as he suggests in his work On Christian Freedom. Does Luther say that freedom means being free of responsibility? If not, what are a Christian’s responsibilities, according to Luther?
Part 2
How does Luther’s concept of Christian freedom and responsibility work out, practically, in the context of the Bill of Rights and, consequently, in the context of United States law? How do (or do?) freedoms articulated in the Bill of Rights coexist, practically, with responsibility as described by Luther?
Reminder: Even though this prompt has two parts, you are expected to write a unified essay, not just two answers to the prompts. Think about your overall thesis statement, and what you will prove / demonstrate to your reader as you address both parts of the prompt.

Please keep this essay very simple don’t get to fancy and write this essay from your words not copy because my professor is good at finding plagiarism.

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