Human growth and development mid-term exam/human growth and


1. Theories 

A) ensure proper use of research procedures.
B) illustrate the ultimate truth regarding human behavior.
C) are mere opinions or beliefs.
D) guide and give meaning to what we see.

2. Dr. Fox believes that infants and preschoolers respond to the world in much the same way as adults do. This is consistent with the __________ view of development.

A) continuous
B) nature
C) discontinuous
D) nurture

3. __________ explains why some children growing up in difficult circumstances thrive, while others are less successful. 

A) Assimilation
B) Plasticity
C) Resilience
D) Stamina

4. __________ is considered the founder of the child study movement. 

A) Charles Darwin
B) Arnold Gesell
C) G. Stanley Hall
D) Benjamin Spock

5. __________ is concerned with the adaptive, or survival, value of behavior and its evolutionary history.

A) Ethology
B) Developmental cognitive theory
C) Sociocultural theory
D) Ecological systems theory

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