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IndM 5232 is designed to provide you with extensive knowledge of the tools and Techniques in Lean Six Sigma in order to improve process and assure quality in the organization. The goal of this research term paper is for you to: 1) be able to present the Lean Six Sigma principles and application to the readers; 2) apply theoretical constructs and approaches on process improvement; 3) develop in-depth knowledge of a special practices or problem in selected topic; and 4) write scholarly paper for peer-reviewed publication.

This term paper should be 15-20 pages, double-spaced, excluding cover page, table of contents, references, and appendix (if any). You should well-describe your selected topic and how it contributes to the concepts and practices of Lean Six Sigma. References must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, at least three textbooks, at least three web URL citations, and one interview from the professional in the Quality or Management field. Use the APA style, 6th edition for citations and references. The paper’s elements should include:

• Introduction. This should provide a brief overview of the paper, the significance of your selected topic, and the purpose of your paper. In general, it is a good idea to write the introduction at the end after you have finished the research and spelled out your findings and conclusions. This way, if the paper has a central theme, it is useful to point it out at the outset.
• Principles and theory. This section lays out the theoretical framework or principles that relate to the topic. The discussion involves the relevant literature of the successful/failure business using the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques
• Example of the historical case/cases. Brief narrative of the facts and implementation process with the business results
• Discussion and Conclusion. This section summarizes your findings and whatever other conclusions you derived from the research. You can also point out shortcomings or advantages in the tools and techniques on the basis of your study of the selected topic.

Possible topics

Students may make up their own topic, or may consider the list that follows:

  • Define the Lean Six Sigma Opportunity
  • Defining and Mapping the Lean Six Sigma Process
  • Design for Lean Six Sigma and Tools
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Lean Six Sigma
  • Design of Experiments and Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Six Sigma for Process Improvement
  • Cost of Quality and Lean Six Sigma
  • Sustainability and Lean Six Sigma

Select only one industry; automotive, aviation, construction, banking, e-commerce, chemical, healthcare, manufacturing, non-manufacturing,… (For example, Implementation of Lean Six Sigma in Banking).

A sample research term paper is provided at “Course Documents / Course Organization / Student Templates / Sample Research Term Paper”. While statistics was utilized in the example paper, statistics is not required for this paper.

It is important to spend some time planning and thinking on how to organize your paper, how to present the related principles/tools/application, how to support your points with the successful practices and how to conclude. Also check your grammar and spelling, and proofread your paper. Poor writing will reduce your grade. In the case of ‘personal interview’, make sure to state his/her occupation and indicate the month and year of the communication, and note at least his/her state and city. If you interview, it is a professional practice to take notes during the interview, and to ask permission to use the person’s name and ideas in your work. Only use quote marks where you have copied an idea verbatim.

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