Conduct a thorough case study analysis of the case, following the

For this assignment, Conduct a thorough case study analysis of the case, following the guidelines presented. Then prepare a case study write-up including a background statement, major problems and secondary issues, your role, organizational strengths and weaknesses, alternatives and recommended solutions, and evaluation.

Answer each question fully, and include relevant citations to other articles, or online research. Be sure to use no more than 25% copy and paste. Include your own opinions, thoughts, examples, and experiences as support for your ideas, as well. Write about 2–4 sentences for each question, APA writing style,double-spaced, excluding references and the title page.

The grading rubric for this assignment is below.


10 points


20 points

Paragraph Organization

20 points

Case Study Section Organization

20 points

Writing Style

10 points

Writing Mechanics

10 points

APA Compliance

10 points

Total Points Available for Case Study Analysis and Write-Up

100 points



The Brawler—Case for Chapters 11 and 12

Sharon B. Buchbinder and Dale Buchbinder

Dr. O’Connor was known for his hot temper and drinking. Although he claimed never to come to work under the influence, nurses, physicians, and other coworkers had their doubts, and several expressed their alarm to their supervisors. The emergency room needed coverage, and it was hard to find physicians who would work the graveyard shift, so little was done to address these concerns. One night, Dr. O’Connor walked across a clearly marked wet floor that the custodian had just mopped. When the angry janitor protested loudly and pointed to the bright yellow sign and the offending footprints, Dr. O’Connor took a swing at the other man and a fistfight ensued.




What should the hospital do to deal with the good doctor? Who should handle this?


What role, if any, did the janitor play in this incident? What could he have done differently?


Where should Dr. O’Connor be referred—anger management, Alcoholics Anonymous, psychiatric evaluation? Provide a rationale for your response.


How can this incident be turned into a “teachable moment” for the staff, physicians, and others?


How could this have been prevented?


DesRoches, C. M., Rao, S. R., Fromson, J. A., Birnbaum, R. J., Iezzoni, L., Vogeli, C., et al. (2010). Physicians’ perceptions, preparedness for reporting, and experiences related to impaired and incompetent colleagues. Journal of the American Medical Association, 304(2), 187–193.

382 383

Gillespie, G. L. (2008). Consequences of violence exposures by emergency nurses. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 16(4), 409–418.

Hesketh, K. L., Duncan, S. M., Estabrooks, C. A., Reimer, M. A., Giovannetti, P., Hyndman, K., et al. (2003). Workplace violence in Alberta and British Columbia hospitals. Health Policy, 63, 311–321.

Kowalenko, T., Walters, B. L., Khare, R. K., & Compton, S. (2005). Workplace violence: A survey of emergency physicians in the state of Michigan. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 46(2), 142–147.

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