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A time when my senses deceived me would be the first time I went deer hunting by myself, and this deception still occurs some times.  It was a colder morning and the grass and leaves were crisp.  I had to stay alert in order to see the deer and be prepared to shoot if I got the chance.  While waiting I was very observant of the smaller animals around me : the birds, squirrels, ect.. I had heard a crack that sounded louder than what I had been hearing, like it was a bigger animal.  It sounded like it was right beside me, but I could not see what it was.  At this point, I begin to panic.  I am 20 foot up in a tree, and mountain lions sometime frequent this area, along with bob cat, and all I could think was that a mountain lion was coming to get me!  As I looked around, I could not make out certain objects because the sun was just rising, and darker grasses and taller grasses looked like animals, or other shapes.  My fear allowed my eyes to deceive me into seeing what was not there.  Finally, the animal came out of hiding, and it was a lone raccoon, digging through the creek bed.  I was able to calm down after a few deep breaths, and had to laugh at myself for what a big deal I had made out of nothing that seemed so real. 


Although that is an example of my sense deception, I believe it is reasonable to rely on our senses.  Very rarely do my senses lead me on a wild chase, and most of those time I feel it is instinct driven.  I believe that if I am confident with my senses, I will have more success in what I am doing.  I have learned to trust my self more, then second guess the situation, and get to the bottom of what the issue is before I jump to conclusions.  


In Descartes’ comparison to a mad man,  he describes men with brains that are rattled, they have no perception of what is going on, and are very confused (Melchert, 2007). I believe my experience is different than a madman’s because I am able to analyze, or rationalize what is happening.  


I think it is a personal choice to say what is valid, but if it is a questionable experience, physical proof could help decide whether the experience is valid or not.  Factual evidence can never hurt proving a point. 


Reason plays into the evaluation of what is real by showing purpose.  Reasons shows the cause and effect of a situation.  


Melchert, N. (2007). The great conversation: A historical introduction to philosophy. New York, NY: Oxford University


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