Health & Medical Question

Use the dataset to answer the following questions. Provide complete analysis and graphs, as appropriate.

  1. It is possible to forecast either series with some degree of accuracy or with an extrapolation method (where only past values of that series are used to forecast current and future values).
    1. Perform an analysis with at least two different methods. Show your forecast results in table form (include your SPSS output tables).
    2. Which method appears to be best? In narrative form, defend your choice of best method. Include a description of the level of accuracy of the chosen method.
  1. Is it possible, when trying to forecast sales of one of your blood pressure cuff products, to somehow incorporate current or past sales of the other blood pressure cuff product in the forecast model? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning and how you would go about doing this.
  1. Are these products “substitute” products or are they “complementary” products? Why? Conduct appropriate analyses to support your argument and include tabular results (i.e., your SPSS output).

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