Principles of accounting

Your team is to pick two companies (I have picked Yahoo and Groupon). Prepare a separate two-page research paper on 5 company accounting principles as described below. The title page and reference page do not count for a prescribed number of pages. I am looking for your assessment of the company’s use of the accounting principles. Do at least a paragraph on each principle. Did you find something interesting in this research?

each company must be discussed in two pages

Select 5 Accounting Principles to discuss; quote the company’s statement and give your assessment in a short paragraph.

  1. Fair Value Principle Measurements – Global or Historical Cost Principle – USA
  2. Intangibles- Goodwill
  3. Revenue Recognition – Long Term contracts: at sale or during progress of contract with progress billing
  4. Financial Services Revenue
  5. Insurance Revenue
  6. Research and Development
  7. Inventories – FIFO or LIFO or Weighted Average or Specific Identification or Lower-of-Cost-or Net Realizable Value
  8. X
  9. Lastly, what is the price of 100 shares of the companies? Using only your research of accounting principles and assuming that you had the investment capital to cover the shares price, would you invest or not, and WHY.
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