Statistics Question


Progress Check

Use this activity to assess whether you and your peers can:

  • Use an applet to generate random samples along with their 95% confidence intervals. Interpret the results.


Each time you select the Click to generate a random sample of 100 students button below, the applet

  • generates a random sample of 100 part-time students,
  • calculates the proportion of the sample that are female, and
  • calculates the 95% confidence interval for the sample.

Use the applet to select 20 different random samples of 100 part-time college students. For each sample, note whether the population proportion is contained within the sample’s 95% confidence interval. How many of the 20 confidence intervals do not contain the population proportion? Is this what you expected? Explain.

Module 16 Discussion Board

Use the Module 16 discussion board (opens in a new tab) to ask questions or provide feedback about the problems in any Module 16 activity – including this peer-reviewed assignment.

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