W01_PA: Moving Portrait & Background


  • AfterEffects Settings:
    HDTV 1080 29.97
    Width: 1920px
    Height: 1080px
    Square Pixels
    Frame Rate: 29.97
    Duration: 0:00:10:00
    Background-Color: Black


  • The Portrait should be made in illustrator and have at least 3 parts that will animate
  • The background should be made in Photoshop and have three moving parts as well


  1. Using Adobe Illustrator, create a portrait of a character (it doesn’t have to be human)
  2. And Using Adobe Photoshop, create the background that the character will inhabit
  3. Make sure to follow the principles and structure from the tutorial videos so that both files can import cleanly into AfterEffects.
    • You can use the files in W01_EX-Intro.zip  Download W01_EX-Intro.zipas examples of how animated layers should be structured
      • UPDATED 01/25: The link above was broken but has been properly linked now.
    • (i.e anything that will be animated should be in a separate layer!!)
  4. Set up your AfterEffects File
    1. In the project folder, create a folder to hold the imported illustrator files and another to hold the PSD files.
    2. Your composition can go in the main folder
    3. I won’t dictate how you name your folders but PLEASE follow some kind of system.
  5. Create a composition using the settings from the specs above and import the photoshop and illustrator layers into it
  6. Make sure all your layers are in the correct place with the illustrator portrait in the front and the photoshop background in the.. well.. background.
  7. After finishing, export all 10 seconds of the animation as an MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder.
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