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There are four main types of memory. There is sensory, short-term, long-term declarative and non-declarative and lastly working memory.  

Long-term non declarative memory is not expressed verbally but in a physical way through a performance. It also includes knowledge that we aren’t conscious of (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). An example of this type of memory would be riding a bike or typing on a computer. The brain structures that are included in this type of memory are the cerebellum which controls balance, the amygdala, neocortex and the basal ganglia. Procedural memory is a form of the type and is required for learning and comprehending motor skills (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018).

Long-term declarative memory also known as explicit memory is for event and facts and we have conscious access and we are able to verbally report them. This medial temporal lobe is dependent on the capacity of this memory (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). This type of memory can be broken down into two different memories called episodic which is memories or events that someone has experienced and it includes what, where, when and with who an experienced happened and they are different with personal knowledge (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). An example of this would be knowing the day you were born but not knowing the experience of the day that you were born. Semantic memory which is factual knowledge but does not include what was learned. An example of this type of memory would be knowing that fruit of Florida is an orange but not recalling where or when you learned that. 

Sensory memory is short lived information and is as short as milliseconds to seconds (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). It is a time when we remember what someone said to us when we were not paying attention. An example of this would be when we are in the middle of listening to music and knowing someone is talking to us but not paying attention to what that person said. The temporal lobe is involved in this type of memory (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018).

Short-term memory has longer time span then sensory memory. Short term lasts seconds to minutes and not as much capacity. Short term memories are held in our minds and processed by the working memory (R., Carter 2009). These memories are also only with us until we need them to be. Memory is normally stored in sensory memory than short term and finally moves to long term. 

Working memory is a limited-capacity for retaining information only for a short time (Gazzaniga, Irvy, & Mangun, 2018). Maintenance is for mental operations and manipulate is using working memory. An example of this would be remembering numbers which would be maintaining and multiplying which would be manipulating which is using our memory. 

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