Which of the following is a discovery technique for generating ideas

1. Which of the following is a discovery technique for generating ideas? (Points: 5)
Writing a thesis 

2. Which of the following is a major focus of revision? (Points: 5)

3. A concise statement about what a writer will demonstrate or explain in an essay is called a _____. (Points: 5)
Rhetorical sentence 
Topic sentence 
Thesis sentence 
Counterclaim sentence

4. A writer should _____. (Points: 5)
Use sentences of equal length 
Use various sentence lengths and patterns 
Use words with complex derivations 
Use sentences with comma splices

5. Editing and proofreading are usually done _____. (Points: 5)
Before composing 
During discovery 
While brainstorming 
After revision

6. A writer has achieved _____ when all ideas in a paragraph relate to the main idea. (Points: 5)

7. Three parts of the rhetorical situation are _____. (Points: 5)
Spelling, grammar, and mechanics 
Flowcharts, graphic organizers and storyboards 
Unity, coherence and organization 
Subject, audience, and purpose

8. A good description requires_____. (Points: 5)
An exciting narrative with a surprise ending 
Induction and deduction 
Rebuttal and evidence 
Concrete sensory details

9. What sentence clarifies the focus of a paragraph? (Points: 5)
A transition sentence 
A major sentence 
A topic sentence 
A thesis sentence

10. What words link ideas, sentences, and paragraphs to achieve greater continuity? (Points: 5)
Linking verbs 
Action verbs 

11. A research paper is _____. (Points: 5)
Arbitrary and subjective 
Investigative and documented 
Argumentative and abstract 
Narrative and objective

12. A writer includes quotation marks around another author’s exact words but does not provide an in-text citation crediting the source. This writer has _____. (Points: 5)

13. A writer responds critically to source material by _____. (Points: 5)
Finding something to complain about 
Assuming the information is correct 
Reading and analyzing the material 
Reading only the summary information

14. Which of the following examples avoids plagiarism? (Points: 5)
Paraphrasing a document from the Internet and then citing it 
Copying and pasting a paragraph from an online encyclopedia 
Using a direct quote from a book and not using quotation marks 
Summarizing a resource in your own words

15. Which of the following would be considered the LEAST credible resource for a research paper? (Points: 5)
Personal interview 
Web site



Which of the following has no errors in punctuation or sentence structure?

(Points: 5)

The hamburger is a popular food Americans eat millions per year.

The hamburger is a popular food, and Americans eat millions per year.

The hamburger which is a popular food, Americans eat millions per year.

The hamburger is a popular food, Americans eat millions per year.

17. Which of the following sentences uses pronouns correctly? (Points: 5)
The patients were treated for his or her illness. 
A doctor must listen to his or her patients.

The medical assistant gave their opinion about the patient.

The doctor gave instructions to their patients.

18. Which of the following sentences is correct? (Points: 5)
Them are twenty students in the class. 
They’re twenty students in the class. 
Their are twenty students in the class. 
There are twenty students in the class.

Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

(Points: 5)
My mother warned, “Whoever called Australia had better speak up.” 
My mother said, I hope it wasn’t you”. 
“My mother asked, Who called Australia”? 
My mother said, “now I’m angry.”

20. Which of the following is a lower order concern? (Points: 5)
Revising for organization 
Revising for coherence

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