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Hello class, here I have assigned the course project in multiple single files and a zip file. Please download all of them and save them in a folder or just download the zip file and unzip it into your computer. It is a folder with 4 Microsoft word documents. One is the course project requirements that everyone must read and follow carefully, format and grading of the project are outlined in this file, please read it thoroughly and if you still, have a question contact me through Canvas. Of those three word files, two of them are phase one and phase two templates and the last one is the course project itself. You do not need to create your own report from scratch, just use the templates that are provided here. About the project, there are two scenarios, after reviewing both of them you must choose one of them as your course project and let me know your choice of the project by reporting in a comment box that will be available at a later time. Upon selecting your project, please do not leave it for last minute and start working on it right away, this is 16 weeks course and final phase must be submitted by week 12, do not sleep over it, time flies quickly. Phase one is due by September 27, 2020, this will give you enough time to study your project and prepare it on time, the second phase which is the entire project including phase one is due by November 15, 2020,

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