Amusement park | Computer Science homework help

Amusement Park Programming Project

Project Outcomes

1. Use the Java selection constructs (if and if else).

2. Use the Java iteration constructs (while, do, for).

3. Use Boolean variables and expressions to control iterations.

4. Use arrays or ArrayList for storing objects.

5. Proper design techniques.

Project Requirements


Your job is to implement a simple amusement park information system that keeps track of admission tickets and merchandise in the gift shop. The information system consists of three classes including a class to model tickets, a class to model gift shop merchandise, the amusement park, and the amusement

park tester. The gift shop supports access to specific merchandise in the park’s gift shop and to purchase the merchandise or to order new merchandise for the gift shop. The UML diagram for each class (except the tester class) is given below.


1) Develop a simple class that models admission tickets. Each admission is described by several instance fields:

a. A ticket number as a long integer to identify the unique ticket,

b. A ticket category represented as a String to store the category of the ticket (i.e. adult, child, senior),

c. A ticket holder represented as a String to store the name of the person who purchased the ticket,

d. A date represented as a Date to store the admission date for the ticket,

e. A price represented as a double to store the price of the ticket,

f. A purchase status represented as a boolean to indicate if the ticket has been purchased (or is reserved).

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