Case study missed opportunities & unanticipated consequences

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Missed Opportunities Case Study

Questions 1-5

1.      Susan found Crestview Hospital’s new billboard postings to be especially troubling because they were placed in a location directly adjacent to Briarwood Medical Center. What do you see as the possible ramifications of these postings for Briarwood Medical Center? For example, how might patients of the establishment react? What about other community stakeholders?


2.      Michael thwarted an opportunity to secure the prized billboards, seemingly resulting from negative views of marketing generally and advertising specifically. Despite solid evidence of the benefits of marketing and advertising when used appropriately some in the healthcare industry possess views similar to those held by Michael.  

Why do you think this is the case?



3.      What actions do you believe Briarwood Medical Center should take to counter Crestview Hospital’s new billboard postings? Assuming that the governing board mandates that additional advertising funds be forwarded to Susan for bolstering Briarwood’s advertising initiatives, how would you recommend that these funds be spent? Please justify your recommendations.


4.      Pamela seemed very upset about Crestview Hospital’s billboards and she demanded answers. As the case concluded, it appeared that Susan was about to provide those answers, likely pointing the finger at Medical Center’s governing board address Michael? Do you see his tenure at Briarwood threatened? Why or Why not.


5.     Susan appeared to struggle with whether she should contact Briarwood Medical Center’s governing board when Michael rejected her request. She knew the board members very well, given her years of service at Briarwood, but she opted to respect the chain of command. Had you been in Susan’s position, what action would you have taken and why?




2.Unanticipated Consequences -1-5


1.      When white Rose Medical Center’s cinema advertisements were initiated, callers immediately began leaving message of protest on the medical center’s community relations hotline, generally indicating that their movie experience was violated by the advertisements. Placing yourself in the role of a moviegoer, do you view such advertisement in the same way? Why or why not? How does the particular product advertised factor into your decision?


1.      On listening to the protest message on White rose’s hotline, Matthew immediately decided to pull the cinema advertisements; this despite the advertisements having only been running for 2 days. Do you think this move was wise? Why or why not?


      BBased on protests, the White Rose cinema advertising campaign offended at least some moviegoers. Assuming that the negative sentiment was widespread and the campaign indeed missed the mark, what could Matthew have done differently to reach cinema audiences via marketing communications in a manner that would make sense and not be offensive? For this inquiry, you are encouraged to think very creatively.


MaMatthew selected a cinema advertising package that provided on 30-second spot prior to each movie, regardless of its content or rating, over the contract period. Casting aside questions of whether cinema advertising is or is not beneficial to healthcare institutions, do you think acceptance of such a package is appropriate, given that some of the movies shown over the course of the contract period might possess themes what would be unbecoming for healthcare entities? Be sure to supply the rationale behind your response.


WhWhat lessons does this case provided for healthcare institutions in how they go about selecting various marketing communications mechanisms upon which they engage target audiences?


See Attachments for site and case study questions and view rubric






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