Art ap 1 | Architecture and Design homework help

Writing Tips

  • Be sure to use complete sentences and standard English spelling and grammar in your submissions.
  • Be sure to refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your submission and include citations when appropriate.
  • Type your response directly into the text box. 
    • Do not write your assignment in the Comments section!
  • You may use attachments only for images.

NOTE: After you have completed the chapter reading for this module and reviewed the Learning Module links, complete the following assignment:


  • You will often find vertical lines in the sides of doors, windows, columns, tree trunks, and the sides of a building.
  • Horizontal lines are often found at the foundation of the building, above and below doors and windows, and in the horizon.
  • Any straight line that is not vertical or horizontal will be diagonal.
  • Curved lines appear in circular and rounded areas.
  • Organic lines appear in natural objects, such as the landscape, people, animals, and treetops.


  • Take a photo, or find an image of, a building.
  • Print this image on a piece of paper and, using colored markers or highlighters, pick out the vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, and organic lines.
  • After you have defined the lines, using colored markers or highlighters and where they are in the picture, look at which kind of line is most common. 
    • Write your name and class reference number on the rubbing.
    • Take a picture of the rubbing and attach it to your submission.


  • Why do you think the architect used that particular line orientation so often?


  • Actual texture is texture that can be experienced firsthand. Some artists, historians, and artists translate actual texture into implied texture by doing rubbings.
  • To do a rubbing you place a piece of paper over a textured surface and rub a wax crayon, charcoal, graphite, or other drawing material over the paper surface, producing on the paper an impression of the texture below.


  • Do your own rubbing of an actual texture.
    • Write your name and class reference number on the rubbing.
    • Take a picture of the image and attach it to your submission.
  • Compared to the actual texture, what qualities does the paper image lack? 


  • How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in this learning module? Be sure to refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your response and include citations when appropriate.
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