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ECO 100

  • Determine what fiscal policy measure has a more direct impact to the economy. Is it an increase in government spending or an equal decrease in taxes if consumer confidence is lower than the previous month? Explain your reasoning.


A decrease in taxes I think will have more direct impact to the economy if the consumer has low confidence. When the government lowers its taxes for the consumers that means the consumers will have more money. That extra income will increase their consumption spending. This will help stimulate the economy. The movement of those funds will ensure profits for the firms which indeed keep those employees working. The more consumers spend the more  jobs become available and products, services are needed. This will in turn stimulate the economy as well.



  • Suppose you are the judge, and a case is presented before you where a tenant is facing eviction. The landlord has been in constant contact with the tenant and is able to supply the texts and notes to the tenant. However, the tenant agrees that the landlord did contact him, but the tenant claims there was not sufficient notice. The landlord is able to show months of texts and notes begging for the rent from the tenant. What are the legal considerations you would evaluate to determine the claims of the tenant and the landlord? In whose favor would you rule, and why? Be sure to support your legal analysis.


In the case presented I would need to review three things that all impact landlord-tenant law.  Those are property, contract and negligence.  First, does the landlord in fact own the property and did they convey rights to the tenant. If so, what type of tenancy was conveyed (was it tenancy for years, periodic, at will or at sufferance)?    Second, is there a contract or lease outlined between the landlord and tenant.  If so, what clauses or documentation, if any is there specific to eviction (conditions or evictable offenses).  Next I would determine if the duty to pay rent had been forfeited meaning did the tenant in fact not pay rent as outlined in the lease.  If not, was the security deposit (if any) applied to the late rent amounts?  I would then need to understand the state’s statutes around eviction for nonpayment.  In most cases, the landlord must service a formal termination notice and then have a court hearing.  Notes and texts may not constitute formal notice but if they do, as in this case, and the landlord can show proof of non-payment with no substantial excuse for the nonpayment made by the tenant, as the judge I would most likely rule in favor of the landlord.  I would just need to better understand all the details.  


Specific to the case of the 98 year-old woman in the video, though, if I were the judge I may rule in her favor.  Even if there was no lease the landlord has allowed her access and use of that apartment for 50 years and  has allowed her quiet enjoyment of the property for that entire time.  It appears the landlord has maintained the property and has not performed an actual or constructive eviction.  The tenant, per her feedback has paid the rent on time as outlined in an agreement with she and the landlord and has for all intents and purposes used the premises properly.  I would need to review any written leases closely to determine if there are other eviction options outlined in the lease and to see whattimeframe was set but at first appearances, there is no reason that they can give for evicting this woman.

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