English Question

Is There Hope for the Future?

After reading our description of Field Notes from a Catastrophe, you now have a sense of Kolbert’s view of the environmental challenges we face. The facts are menacing and disturbing, and they raise an important question: Can we construct rational hope in the face of climate change, and if so, how?

To compose an essay that offers a thoughtful answer to this question, you will need to spend at least an hour (preferably several hours) researching (1) examples of what people around the world are doing to slow the pace or lessen the effect of climate change, and (2) examples of what others are doing to increase the consumption of nonrenewable energy. Keep notes on your sources.

Given the evidence you’ve uncovered in your limited research, write a speculative essay about whether it is possible to construct a rational hope about the future. What compelling evidence would you point to that supports rational hope? What evidence undermines such hope? In composing your response, stick to evidence that you find persuasive. This isn’t an invitation to trade in generalities about “human nature”; it’s an opportunity to consider the relationship between evidence, reason, and the future. Take your reader on a journey that reveals your mind at work on this problem.

Using the outline format listed below, complete the outline and submit it as a PDF.

Title: Something about the environment

Concept: Attempting to construct a rational hope for fixing the environment


  • Concept: Attempting to construct a rational hope for fixing the environment
    • Background – climate change, what is it?
    • Research – basic fact, data, maybe a quote (Source)
  • There is hope:
    • Research
    • Research
    • More Research
    • We’re Doomed
      • Research
      • Research
      • More Research
    • Conclusion: Answer the question; what do we do now?
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