Film Question

Give me specific comments how to improve it and correct my grammar. Only leave comments as I will fix it myself.

In your view, and based on your learning throughout the term and the films we have screened, how has Hollywood’s representation of ‘America’ changed over time?
In your response, take into account, any changes you have observed in the films’ depictions of American values and ideals, in their narratives and aesthetic approaches, and even in the genres themselves (codes & conventions or types of conflicts). How do any of these elements manifest the changes you have observed?

The ‘Big Question’ Response should be written in an essay style. That means you must pay attention to paragraphing, punctuation, spelling and grammar. You should also take time to edit and proof read your entry before uploading it. It must be coherent, and as well-written as you can manage. As well you should be presenting your response as a persuasive argument. This means that your opening paragraph, or introduction to your paper, should present your position – i.e. whether you think that cinematic representations of the city have or haven’t changed over time, from the early period to the present day. Then, in your subsequent paragraphs, proceed to make case as to why you have formed that opinion. Ideally each new paragraph should present a new point in the case you are marking, but which also is related to your previous point(s). In other words, each new point in your paper should be part of an overall, coherent argument, The paper should flow smoothly and logically from 3 point to point, leading to your conclusion. Remember to use examples (from films, or film movements, or genres, or usages of film technique) to back up your points.

1.) Should I write a conclusion.

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