Literature Across Analysis

Why was Mrs. Denison afraid of her children “turning Maori and shaming their father” (5)? In other words, what would be shameful about the children that their father would be embarrassed? Explain.

Based on what you read, why do you think Beaumont titles the story “The Revenge of Her Race”? Support your analysis with evidence from the text.

Why do you think Beaumont does not give Mr. Denison much of a voice or dialogue in the story?

What are the main themes of Shirey Jackson’s “The Lottery”? Support your analysis with evidence from the text.

What does “The Lottery” say about culture and traditions? What is the argument Jackson may be trying to make? Support your analysis with evidence from the text.

Why doesn’t Bill Hutchinson defend Tess from being stoned to death?

In your opinion, do we have a right or duty to interfere in cultural traditions we may not agree with? Why?

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