Problem relevance

Problem relevance: The feasibility of the problem you have identified in part i) of your assignment will be justified by a review of the literature. You will rely on 6 relevant and specific peer-reviewed journal articles dated 2017-2022 and write 750 words (approx. 3-4 pages). Your sources are presented in a bibliography using APA-style referencing and will not be included in the word count.

Your assignment will be assessed based on the following Assessment Criteria:

 a good and critical knowledge of the relevant literature
 an understanding of the issues reviewed during the course
 an ability to go beyond mere description of facts, theory or a course of actions, critically analyzing its components and existing debates over the subject
 the capacity to incorporate personal work experience in a relevant, reflective manner
 a clear, logical structure and a competent level of English
 APA-style referencing.

In this assignment you are justifying whether the problem you have identified in Assignment 1 is indeed relevant, or is it only you believing that it is a problem. You find “backup” for the problem through RELEVANT scholarly peer reviewed sources.


Paper format check list:

  • The text is in BLACK not blue or gray or red or green or….
  • 12p Font. Not 13 not 11 not 14 not 9. 12!
  • 1.5 or 2 spacing between each line (the list of references should be single spaced)
  • No need for a title page
  • Your name needs to show up at the top of page 1
  • Date
  • Prof Rechberg
  • MGT320
  • No running head
  • Page numbers on each page
  • Last name next to page number in running head
  • Title = your research question
  • At the end of the introduction you might want to walk the reader through the steps that follow next (outlining your paper in 2-4 sentences)
  • Indent each new paragraph. The same goes for the second line of each citation. no need at very first paragraphs.
  • References A-Z> ONLY relevant high quality (PDFs) found via the library and google scholar. Who cares what happens in Zimbabwe, there are plenty of sources drawing on US data.
  • NO first names in text ! no first name initials in text !
  • Only first name initials in list of references, do not spell the first name out
  • The style of the list of references for book, book chapter, journal article and website presented in the attached doc is not optional. Follow EXACTLY that style ! See the slides or any peer reviewed paper for examples. We are using APA.
  • If 2 author names you always list them both as (A and B, Year) or A and B (Year)
  • If more than 3 authors it is Trump et al. (Year) throughout
  • If it is 3 authors, you list all three as One, Two and Three (Year) the first time around and any time after that it is One et al. (Year)
  • DIRECT quotes “this is a direct quote” must be accompanied by the page number. I.e. “I love Macron, he is a real good guy, exceptionally good, I love the man” (Trump, 2018, p. 23)
  • OR Trump (2018, p.23) said “I love Macron, he is a real good guy, exceptionally good, I love the man”
  • OR Trump (2018) states “I love Macron, he is a real good guy, exceptionally good, I love the man” ( p. 23)
  • Anything you did not know when you were born you learned from someone, if so you need to indicate that with a citation.
  • INDIERECT quotes will go as follows: According the Trump (2018) Macron is a nice person. OR Macron is a nice person (Trump, 2018)
  • If a source has advertisement on it and was accessed via google it is not peer reviewed.!!! and cannot be used.
  • Tables and figures need titles and be numbered. If adopted from elsewhere the whole citation will appear underneath it in tinny font as: Adopted from ………
  • Under NO circumstance are we providing solutions as this point.
  • Stick to the word count
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