Tree of life | Environmental science homework help


Watch the video Tree of Life by David Attenborough.  Note: If this link to the video does not work you can always search for it by name and it will appear in YouTube.

1. Describe two examples of natural selection, from the Galapagos Islands, that Darwin observed and were described in the video.

2. Name two examples of artificial selection.

3. How is artificial selection different than natural selection?

4. How does the production of more offspring than will survive play a role in natural selection?

5. What is the significance of Archaeopteryx?

6. How is it that a structure, as complex as an eye, can be produced by natural selection?

7. Why is it that religion and theories of evolution conflict?

8. What scientific evidence has been discovered since Darwin’s time that supports evolution by natural selection?

9. Name 2 groups of organisms that were described from the tree of life.  Relate these groups to their position on the tree and to other closely related groups.

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