Multiple choice questions – chapter 5


Multiple Choice Quiz
Chapter -5

Which of the following are the three broad groups of consumer segmentation criteria?
A) Geographic, demographic and behavioural variables
B) Behavioural, psychographic and profile variables
C) Behavioural, demographic and profile variables
D) Psychographic, demographic and behavioural variables
E) Psychographic, sociological and geographic variables


What is the purpose of segmentation?
A) To identify differences in behaviour that have implications for marketing decisions
B) To identify the most profitable consumer segments
C) To target segments that are not targeted by competitors
D) To target segments which match our product/service attributes
E) To target and identify segments which are not catered for at all


In the UK social class is usually measured according to which of the following?
A) Occupation
B) Wealth
C) Background
D) Education
E) Residence


Which of the following is not a useful base for segmenting organisational markets?
A) By industry
B) By geographic location
C) By individuals within a DMU
D) By purchasing organisation
E) All of the above are useful bases for segmenting organisational markets


A company who develops a single marketing mix for the whole market and doesn’t segment the market uses which of the following marketing strategies?
A) Niche Marketing
B) Differentiated Marketing
C) Undifferentiated Marketing
D) Customised Marketing
E) Focused Marketing


A differentiated target marketing strategy exploits which of the following?
A) Exploits the differences between marketing segments
B) Exploits the differences between competitors prices
C) Exploits the apathy of consumers
D) Exploits the new trends, fads and fashion
E) Exploits consumer’s value consciousness


A target market is sometimes called which of the following?
A) A focus
B) A niche
C) A division
D) An area
E) A sector


Positioning is a choice of which of the following?
A) Retailer choice & store layout
B) The target market & marketing assets
C) The target market & differential advantage
D) Price & quality
E) None of the above

Which type of differentiation arises from unique, valued images created by advertising, or superior service provided by salespeople?
A) Market differentiation
B) Service differentiation
C) Advertising differentiation
D) Sales differentiation
E) Promotional differentiation


Product differentiation develops from which of the following?
A) Develops from creating memorable, original promotions campaigns that help create a distinctive brand image
B) Develops from continual new product development process
C) Develops from the offering superior, value for money products
D) Develops from adding features that give customers benefits that rivals cannot match
E) Develops from creating products which are technologically superior


Which of the following is a useful tool for determining the position of a brand in the marketplace?
A) Perceptual map
B) Mind map
C) Positioning map
D) Segmentation map
E) Psychographic map


Market attractiveness is function of which of the following?
A) Market attractiveness is a function of the market potential of a segment and the level of competition in that segment
B) Market attractiveness is a function of the level of competition in that segment
C) Market attractiveness is a function of the market potential of a segment
D) All of the above
E) None of the above




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