(visual studio c++) write a class named car that has the following

Part 2 – Work on this part individually. Use the Visual Studio development environment. Open book and notes. Submit a clean copy of your code and screenshots of sample runs. No assistance.

> 1.      Write a class named Car that has the following member variables:

> ·        YearModel. An int that holds the car’s year model

> ·        Make. A string that holds the make of the car

> ·        Speed. An int that holds the car’s current speed
> In addition, the class should have the following constructor and other member functions.

> ·        A default constructor. Set all private data members to default values. Speed should be set to zero.

> ·        A constructor with parameters.  The constructor should accept the car’s year model and make as argument. Set speed to zero.

> ·        accessor/get. Appropriate accessor methods for the private data members.

> ·        mutator/set. Appropriate mutator method for the private data members (as needed).

> ·        accelerate. The accelerate method should receive an integer parameter value between 1 and 5 (inclusive) add value to the speed of the Car.

> ·        break. The break method should receive an integer parameter value between 1 and 5 (inclusive) and subtract value from the speed of the Car.

> ·        print . displays the value of the private data members of the class
> Demonstrate the class in a program that creates a Car object, and the calls the accelerate function twice. After each call to the accelerate method, display the current speed of the car. Then call the break function two times. After each call print the speed of the car.

> 2.      For the Car class in part 1. Write a non-member function faster()  that receives two Car objects and returns the car object with the higher speed.  Test this function in the main program and print the object/car with the higher speed.

> 3.      Declare a Car pointer variable cptr and make it point to one of the car objects that was created in problem 1or 2. Use the pointer variable cptr to call the print method.

> 4.      Use the cptr to dynamically allocate a Car object. Use the cptr to call the methods accelerate and print in the object.

> 5.      Return the allocated memory to the system.


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