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Assignment 7
Begin Final Research Paper:

Throughout this course we have been discussing the interactive process of the emotional, cognitive and motivational aspects of human nature. The final paper provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to research the concepts covered throughout the course. Please make sure your paper is submitted by the due date to ensure ample time for mentor feedback, and possible integration of feedback and revision if necessary. This paper is due in Week 7.

For the final paper you are to research a specific aspect of cognition, emotion and motivation that most interests you. Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to your clinical work or the field of psychology in general.
Select a minimum of eight (8) current research articles* taken from scholarly journals (online or hard copy) on your selected topic.

In context to “Cognition, Emotion and Motivation” some research topics might include the following, however when researching and writing your paper, you are expected to include related components of cognition, emotion, and/or motivation.


The paper should be 10-12 pages plus a title and reference page, and must be written in graduate level English, in APA style.* Do not use the course text or other course texts for this assignment.
  This is a research-based paper
Assignment Outcomes:

Correlate the relationship of cognition, emotion and motivation 

Appraise critical research findings of contemporary studies  

Analyze the brain and empirical evidence of human behavior

 Consider the cognitive process of learned helplessness, anxiety, depression and emotional suffering 

Discriminate neuropsychological and sociocultural factors of motivation and emotion 

Demonstrate ethical behavior in the use of technology 

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