Exam | American history homework help

You will answer all ten questions. Please take your time when answering. Your answer WILL BE TWO paragraphs in length, summarizing your knowledge of the issue in a concise, logical manner (points will be taken off if it is under this!!!) Watch your grammar and spelling. You can use the text as a SECONDARY source to back up your answer. It cannot be your full answer. What I mean is you can use the notes, the text and such as a guide. For example, the first four sentences will be your answer. The last four would be the quote backing up your answer. Also, cite that quote. I need to know you understand the material, not what others are saying.

Question 1

Why did the British win the French and Indian War? Give three examples to validate your answer. 

Question 2 

Is democracy stronger when Americans think of themselves as “one people”, or as many distinct groups of people? 

Question 3 

In reference to the American Revolution, does there come a time when violent revolution is justified? Give examples to validate your answer. 

Question 4 

Battle of Saratoga is considered the turning point of the American Revolution. This victory gave reason for France to join the United States in its war against Britain. Do you believe that France was motivated by self interest or was she thinking that the Americans were oppressed and needed help in leaving England’s rule? 

Question 5 

Are the signers of the Declaration motivated by a sense of moral outrage, or by their own self-interest? 

Question 6

Jamestown was settled in 1607. The first settlers landed there with intentions. Do you believe that the settlers acted with their own self interest or by a sense of settling the area for England? 

Question 7 

What were the key steps on the way to independence in the mid-1770’s? 

Question 8 

Who were the Tories? Were they justified in their beliefs? 

Question 9 

Why are the inhabitants of the thirteen colonies able to think of themselves as “one people”? 

Question 10 

Do you think that the Sons of Liberty were freedom fighters? If you were the British government, what might you think of them? 

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