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Learning Goal: I’m working on a marketing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

  • Please make a meaningful reply to 2 other students: compare your ideas to theirs, talk about what is most interesting in their discussion, or come up with a creative idea
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  • I think that the products that are imported should be regulated if they are harmful to citizens. The products that we sell in our country such as tobacco have their own regulations as well such as age limits and the fact that there is a process to purchase tobacco since you do need the help of an employee. If I were a health official in a third world country, I’d suggest that companies shouldn’t just hand out cigarettes especially to children because they can feed an addiction to an extremely harmful substance. Clearly the point of handing them out is to hook consumers and eventually get them to come back and buy, but there should be some kind of guidelines to keep that from being marketed so freely. The use of those ads can immediately grab a person’s attention without them even considering the harm that could be done. The ads they are marketing are attention-grabbing depict something that the US Western culture has always been stereotyped as. The ads give off the product as powerful and American, which would definitely get consumers to buy in a third world country. I would suggest to stop handing them out to kids and to make the public more mindful of its affects on health.
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  • In advanced economies there are more resources available in order to educate people about the dangers of using products such as Tobacco. If a product could be harmful to citizens, educating, preventing, and regulating the use of said products should be revised. Tobacco companies are businesses as well and are trying to sell their products just like any other business, but the health affects of using these products and promoting these products could be seen as immoral, although it isn’t illegal. In Asia and in Europe, products such as cigarettes and e-cigarettes are easily obtainable and are constantly seen by other people such as friends, family, children, etc. These people are constantly exposed to these harmful products, but since they are familiar with the product, it doesn’t seem to pose as such a harmful product.

    Theses companies are sponsoring major sports and cultural events, so banning these products could remove the sponsorship deals that are made with these companies. With the inclusion of these brands at public events, there should be strict regulations as to how these companies can promote their products in order to not appeal to audiences that are under the age of using products such as tobacco. Nowadays there are many preteens that are smoking prematurely and as the prompt states, cigarettes are even being handed out as gift in amusement areas to preteens. Overall, being inclusive of a market is important but there should be restrictions that should be imposed when trading and considering the health of a countries citizens, especially in places that aren’t exposed to its threats in third-world countries.

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