Scriptwriting Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting question and need guidance to help me learn.

Hello This is part of the final assignment which will have a script for 6 page you have done the loglines one now using that i guess

Write a simple outline for your short film using the format discussed in class.

**Use the formatting example from class or you will be deducted points for your outline

ACT I – set up and inciting incident

ACT II – need + obstacles

ACT III – climax and resolution

** Asynch students must submit to Discussions under their groups and also provide feedback for their group members.**

  • What elements of story are missing or should be considered
  • Any questions about story that are confusing
  • What elements do you like most or see a lot potential ***
  • Please read chat ***

Assignment #4 Grading Rubric

Spelling & Grammar 2 points

Clear act breaks with all elements 8 points


Total 10 points






ACT I: (BEGINNING) – 2 Pages

  • Character Set-up

**Inciting Incident:

ACT II: (MIDDLE) – 4 Pages



ACT III (END) – 2 Pages


  • Resolution
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