case study

Learning Goal: I’m working on a microbiology case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Case 4

A lethargic 21-month old black female was presented by her mother to the

emergency room at 2:15am on a Sunday. The child had a history of a runny

nose, hoarse cough and low-grade fever (~99F) for the past 48 hours. The

mother was concerned about the forced and noisy breathing of the child. The

pediatrician examined the child and found cloudy eyes and mild inflammation of

the ears, but no overt signs of bacterial infection (no significant changes in the

eardrums). The throat of the child was red and coated with mucus. The larynx

was swollen and raw.

The physician performed a rapid Strep test and found it was negative. Throat

swabs were taken for culture. The physician placed the child in a room with a

warm vaporizer for about 30 minutes. This dramatically improved the breathing of

the child.

1. What type of infection/illness do you believe the patient has?

2. What Type of treatment would you give the patient?

3, How did you come to that conclusion? According to the symptoms.,,

4. From the history, which of the information confirmed your choice?


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