Power Point: Sport Management

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sports management project and need support to help me learn.

The project will be an in-depth analysis of a team or sport of your choosing (examples have included the Boston Celtics, Florida State football, surfing in Hawaii, cricket in India).or other teams.

*You will develop your report using PowerPoint. Use bullet points on slides. Put any notes you need to provide more depth below each slide in the notes section.

*You will need to gather information from several sources, including internet news reports, official team web pages, printed newspaper and magazine articles, and books. Do not cite Wikipedia!!!! Make sure you have legitimate sources from several formats (not just a team blog or web page).

About 13-20 slides: the final slide should list your references in any format.

Project sections: please follow this instructions!!!!

A-Team/sport overview and history

B- Fan report (take me inside the fan base, unique fan cultures or behaviors, rivalries, etc.)

C- Economic Impact: Local communities, stadium situation,

financial reports

D- Marketing: Recent team marketing initiatives, promotions (tickets), public relations events

E- Sponsorships: Who are the team sponsors? How are they

activating the sponsorships?

F- Web page/media: Analyze the team web page and/or social media. Any ideas for improvement?

G- Other/Summary: Review key points. Discuss future challenges

and opportunities on the field and off the field.

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