Product Management

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Using Shanghai U-Express International Logistics Co., Ltd as example.

*****MOST IMPORTANT*****:All the content revolves around the adopting the ERP system by logistics companies. READING the document first, and than using the TOTALLY DIFFERENT words to complete the following three parts.

1.Abstract: The Abstract briefly summarizes the contents of the project [not more than 200 words].

2.Introduction: In the Introduction, you should describe the motivation (driven factors:why the shipping conpany need to adopt ERP system) for your project and the background of the organization that might want to implement this project. You should also include the project objectives and other information. You should read the article first. No more than 500 words

3.Conclusion: Discussions, comments, and suggestions about your project should be

mentioned in this section. You can read the EXISTING PROBLEMS first. No more than 200 words.

4.Reference and similarity less than 3%.

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