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The Queen Anne Curiosity Shop PROJECT QUESTIONS (p.236) – Excerpted




The Queen Anne Curiosity Shop sells both antiques and current-production household items that complement or are useful with the antiques. For example, the store sells antique dining room tables and new tablecloths. The antiques are purchased from both individuals and wholesalers, and the new items are purchased from distributors. The store’s customers include individuals, owners of bed-and-breakfast operations, and local interior designers who work with both individuals and small businesses. The antiques are unique, although some multiple items, such as dining room chairs, may be available as a set (sets are never broken). The new items are not unique, and an item may be reordered if it is out of stock. New items are also available in various sizes and colors (for example, a particular style of tablecloth may be available in several sizes and in a variety of colors).




Read each question stated below and write SQL statements for this database as follows:




  1. Find tables in page 237, 238 and 239. Write SQL CREATE TABLE and SQL INSERT statements data for:



    1. SQL statements for Table 1 (p. 237) – QACS CUSTOMER


    2. SQL statements for Table 2 (p. 238) – QACS EMPLOYEE

    3. SQL statement for Table 3 (p. 240) – QACS ITEM


   4.SQL statement for Table 4 (p. 241) – QACS SALE



2. Write SQL statements to list all columns for all tables.


3. Write an SQL statement to list ItemID and ItemDescription for all items that cost $1000 or more.



4.Write an SQL statement to list LastName, FirstName, and Phone of the customer who made the purchase with SaleID 1.  Use a subquery.


5.Write an SQL statement to list LastName, FirstName, and Phone of the customers who made the purchase with SaleIDs 1, 2, and 3.  Use a subquery.


6.Write an SQL statement to list LastName, FirstName, and Phone of customers who have made at least one purchase with SubTotal greater than $500.  Use a subquery.

7.Write an SQL statement to list LastName, FirstName, and Phone of customers who have purchased an item that has an ItemPrice of $500 or more.  Use a subquery


8.Write SQL CREATE TABLE statement for table VENDOR (p. 239) and insert the data (the first three rows only) into the VENDOR table


9. Write an SQL statement to modify the vendor with CompanyName of Linens and Things to Linens and Other Stuff.



















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