In your essay you must analyze each of the three cases approved by your mentor according to these four
distinct requirements:

(A) Identify and describe the facts of each case separately, the individuals or groups involved, the
perpetrators, declared objectives, the authorities, reaction, and the eventual outcome.

(B) Apply your understanding of the case studies to analyze the processes leading to each
event/case, the circumstances surrounding the ways each event unfolded, and the causes
responsible for the subsequent results. If appropriate, distinguish between facts and commonly held myths about these cases.

(C) Evaluate each of the three cases according to the same one assumption or hypothesis
concerning causes of terrorism from the repertoire of theory you have acquired during this

(D) Discuss the usefulness of the selected assumption/hypothesis when applied to each of the
three cases. Specifically, assess whether or not it is relevant and contributes to the analysis and
understanding of each case.

Note that this final project requires you to investigate the soundness of one terrorism-related assumption
or hypothesis when applied to your case studies (item C).

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